Our Philosophy - Bio Appartamenti Bellaria

Our Philosophy

The heart you discover in small sips

Our project comes from the desire to offer a tourism model which is attentive to people, to beauty, to quality of life and to sustainability.

Romagna is considered a welcoming land and for us the hospitality is symbolized by good wine drunk in company.

That is why our apartments have the name of one of the wines produced in our land.
The spaces and the furnishings also interpret and tell a story of industriousness and values.

Like people’s heart, the most precious part in this housing structure is not visible. It is discovered slowly.

The materials, housing solutions, and technologies used in construction care people and environmental sustainability.

All the load-bearing structures of the building, for example, are made of wood and the walls too.

There are photovoltaic systems, a rainwater recovery system, and many solutions designed in order to have the lowest possible impact on the environment.
And from the terrace you can see the sea.

But above all, our family lives here together with you and that is very important for us.

Enjoy your stay!
The sea you see, the air you feel, The heart you discover in small sips.

L’aria (The air)

L’aria l’e cla roba lizira
che sta dalonda la tu testa
e la dventa piò céra quand che t’roid

The air is that light thing,
which is over your head
and it becomes clearer whenever you laugh.

Tonino Guerra

Pier Paolo Zani

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